Consular Services

Authentication of documents issued in Korea:

Every document must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea first, in order to be authenticated by the Embassy

1.  1 Original, 1 copy
2.  Takes two working days.

Fee: 25,000 Won per document



This section is incharge of the consular affairs of the Sudanese Community in the Republic of South Korea, including authentication of legal, consular, commercial, academic documents and issuing power of attorney.

Requirements for Power of Attorney (TawKeel) and Affidavit (Iqrar):

  1. A copy of valid passport.

  2. Fee: 50,000 WON


Passport Services

New electronic Passport:

Not yet available


Emergency Travel Document:

To be issued for Sudanese citizen only in cases of emergency, and will be expired upon arrival at Khartoum Airport.

Requirements for E.T.D:

  1. 2 recent passport-sized color photos.

  2. Identity prove (passport, ID, Nationality).

  3. Fee: 40,000 WON


Sudanese Birth Certificate

Issued within two weeks from the date of birth.


  1. Copy of the Korean birth certificate.

  2. Copy of Parents Passports.

  3. Copy of Parents Marriage certificate.

  4. Fee: 40,000 WON


Good Conduct Certificate:


When you apply for Good Conduct Certificate, you must include

Copy of your Sudanese passport

2 recent passport-sized color photos.

Fee: 50,000 WON