Workshop on integration of women and youth in gum arabic production held

  • Nov 11, 2020

The Institute of Gum Arabic Research and Desertification Studies in University of Kordofan has organized a workshop in Al-Obeid on integration of women in gum Arabic crop production process sponsored by Export Development Group and Green Zone Company.

Speakers at the workshop who represented businessmen association, producers and native administration have praised, universities and Gum Arabic research centers concern with gum Arabic crop.

 Representative of Green Zone Company Dr. Hind Hashim reviewed her company’s efforts in developing gum Arabic, affirming commitment of the company to bear the responsibility of developing export of forestry products.

 Dr. Hind stressed the importance of integration of youth and women in the production process of gum arabic and developing their capabilities as partners in the process.

  Director of the Institute of Gum Arabic Research and Desertification Studies Dr. Munir Elyas, on his part, reviewed the partnerships the institute maintains with Gum Arabic Research Center at West Kordofan University, Green Zone Company and producers of the crop to develop the product.

Representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development Dr. Izz-Eddin Al- Safi, on his part, stressed the importance of the workshop, affirming commitment of the transitional government to developing gum arabic production as priority for boosting the economy and effecting sustainable development.

  He also affirmed concern of the ministry with supporting rural women and empowering them economically besides being involved in the peace process.

Chairman of Gum Arabic Council Mustafa Khalil, meanwhile, reviewed the challenges facing production of the crop and the endeavors being made to address them, stressing the importance of scientific research in this connection.