White Nile State organizes workshop for landlord, refugees

  • Jan 01, 1970

 Acting Minister of Health and Development in White Nile State (WNS) Dr. Izz-Adden Hussein Mohamed Ulwan and representative of the Wali (governor) has affirmed commitment of state government to refugees’ international laws.

 He added that the community in whit Nile state is hosting refugees in response to obligations which are extended from principles of humanity values.

 This came when Ulwan addressed Tuesday in kosti town the opening session of the workshop for landlords and hosting community in the state.

The worship targeted the refugee camps from the State of South Sudan in the White Nile State and it stated it activities under the slogan (leader of community peace and sustainable solutions).  

The workshop organizes by the Office of the Assistant Commissioner for Refugees in the White Nile, in the presence of the Commissioner for Refugees in Sudan, and a number of officials from the state government.  

The representative of the Wali called on the participants in the workshop to come up with recommendations that contribute to resolving the crises facing the refugees and the hosting communities.