WFP-Country Director to Visit Kassala State

  • May 24, 2022

The acting Wali(governor) of Kassala State, Khojaly Hamad Abdalla  discussed aspects of cooperation between the State and the WFP, especially  in the food security-related matters   and the WFP’s expected role in this connection .

The Wali has got acquainted  during  his meeting with the WFP official of the eastern States  in the presence of Advisor  of the Wali for International Organizations Affairs, Ishraqa Abdel-Haleem on arrangements and preparations  for   the WFP-Country Director visit to  the State Tuesday which will discuss provission of support to the most needy people  and possibility  of covering the numbers  determined  by a study which has been conducted  by the  government of the State.

The WFP official of Eastern States  indicated  to the WFP’s plan  to increase  numbers of people and localities  determined  by the  study.

He  said the WFP  is seeking increase of support  through  asking help  of  other organizations.

.For, his part, the acting Wali of Kassala State  welcomed  visit  of the WFP-Country Director  to the State , lauding  the international organization’s role in boosting   food security  in the State.

He called for necessity of  cooperation  with  the government of the State  in how  to provide assistance  to  the needy people  and  address repercussions of the food gap which hit some parts of the State..