Volker calls for maintaining the civilian-military partnership

  • Oct 12, 2021

The Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lt-General, Shams Edeen Kabbashi met, Monday, at his office, in the Republican Palace, the Head of the United Nations Integrated Transitional Assistance Mission in Sudan, (UNITAMS), the Representative of the UN Secretary General, Volker Perthes and reviewed with him a number of the transition issues, top of which, the pending issues between the partners, East Sudan issue, besides the constitution.

Volker, in press statements, called on the Sudanese to maintain the existing partnership between the military and the civilians and the armed struggle movements that signed peace agreement, appealing to the parties to de-escalate tension and focus on the important issues.

He urged the parties to return to dialogue, referring to reaching an agreement on a roadmap on the strategic issues of the coming period.

On the issue of Eastern Sudan, Volker affirmed the UN readiness to solve the issue through extending the economic and development support for the region which suffers marginalization for long time.