PAGR Receives Over 13 Kilos of Gold from Jebel Amer

  • Jul 13, 2021

The Public Authority for Geological Research  has received more than  13 kilos of gold from Jebel Amer factory for  processing  the mining ores   and the recipe gold.

The Undersecretary of Ministry of Minerals , Dr Abdalla Kodi and Director-General of the Public Authority for Geological Research (PAGR), Dr Mohamed Saeed  paid  inspection visit to the factory  in North Darfur State where they witnessed  output of processes  of smelting of the gold ore for producing  the gold bullion by the factory which is run  by the PAGR  for processing the  ores and the recipe gold which  are gathered  from valleys and treated  by water  

The Undersecretary  of the Ministry  of Minerals  announced, while he was addressing the  Factory workers , that new policies and measures would be adopted for  enhancing  work  at the Factory

The  PAGR Director-General , for his part,  said that 1800km  from the total area  would be surveyed , unveiling that the Authority  has put a four-stage plan for increasing production and productivity.