Marketing season for sesame crop kicks off in Gedaref

  • Nov 22, 2021

Gedarif State Market Crops has received 341.922 thousand backs of sesame according to accumulated flow for this year with a proportion increase of 200% comparared to last year which amounted to 135.692 thousand backs.

Secretary General of Gedarif State Government rang  the bell Sunday for opening auction of marketing season for sesame crop in the presence of Members of Government of the State, Security Committee and Production Partners.

The Secretary General of the State Government gave directives to Ministry of Finance to rehabilitate market crops, provides services, completing the establishment of the electronic stock exchange in order to facilitate sales operations through the banks’ portfolio besides the establishment of transformation industries and non-exportation of products in raw material form.

Manager of Central Bank of Sudan Branch of Gedarif State Abdalla Jamal Eddin on his part affirmed that all forms of financing operations were increased this year to an amount of SDG33 billion representing proportion increase  of 370%   comparared  to SDG 9 billion   for  the last year.

He pointed out that farmers who benefited from banking funding for growing sesame increased to 1056 beneficiaries comparared to 7295 with a proportion of 45 % increse  while financing areas for  growing sesame  increased from 3000000 acres to 4000000 this year.