General Intelligence Service in N. Kordofan seizes (127) pistols

  • Jan 01, 1970

The General Intelligence Service in North Kordofan seized, in a two separated operations weapons smuggled into the state including (127) pistols.

The director of Shikan Local Security Unit, Colonel Security Ahmed Sayed Farah, said that the first seizure entered the state through Jabrat al-Sheikh area, and it was seized at the entrance to the eastern city of Al-Obeid, in Malik area, north of (Khortaqat), while the second seizure in the western in Al-Obeid city grand market.

The Director General Intelligence Service in the state, Brigadier General Security Al-Awad Mohammed Al-Awad, affirmed keenness to preserve the national security and to confront all activities that would destabilize the security, safety and stability of the state.

It is worth noting that the State Security Committee, headed by the Governor of North Kordofan, Fadlallah Mohammed Ali Al-Tom, reviewed the seizures and praised the achievement.