Freedom and Change- National Consensus holds press conference

  • Jun 13, 2022

The Forces of Freedom and Change -National Consensus have reiterated their adherence to the necessity that the dialogue should be Sudanese-Sudanese, with the participation of all Sudanese parties, including political, civil and military components in preparation for a democratic transition.

The Secretary-General of Forces of Freedom and Change - National Consensus, Mubarak Ardol, said in a press conference at the Friendship Hall here Sunday that their previous vision that they put forward regarding participation of the various forces in the dialogue has found acceptance and has become a reality, noting that the forces that work to exclude others cannot achieve democracy in the country.

Ardol said that, by concluding Juba Peace Agreement, Sudan was able to end the longest war in the country’s history.

On his part, the Political Secretary of the Forces of Freedom and Change-National Consensus, Abu-Obeida Al-Khalifa, called on all political forces to participate in the dialogue without pre-conditions as dialogue is the optimum way to solve the Sudanese crisis, especially since the political impasse has continued for a long time.

He underscored the need to forming a civilian government with a civilian prime minister and forming the Legislative Council and the commissions.

On his part, Member of the Forces of Freedom and Change-National Consensus Suliman Sandal, said that they call for partnership and dialogue with all parties, describing the slogan of “no dialogue, no negotiation, no partnership” as zero slogans, pointing out that the dialogue is now tactical and the strategic one is coming and there is no alternative to it.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary-General of Forces of Freedom and Change- National Consensus Noural-Daim Taha said that they would not allow monopolization of power again.